Our Strengths


  • Reading culture & communication skills
  • Strong resource based approach
  • Specialized individual attention
  • Rigorous and intensive assessment system
  • Co-curricular activities

Reading Culture and Communication Skills

Students at Kanjirowa are avid readers and participate in a wide range of reading activities. Be it engaging creatively reading purposeful books by great writers or passing leisurely time, we believe, reading is fruitful. We have been able to establish a culture in which all students enjoy reading a wide range of books. They are critical readers. They have a shared understanding that regular reading helps to develop Higher Order Thinking.

Besides independent reading, they participate in Book Talks, Readers Conference, Critical Review, My Favorite, Book Sketch, Book Circle etc. The Readers Club of Kanjirowa organizes other various programs in the school. Thus, they get opportunities to involve in learning various linguistic and literary skills and explore the world of knowledge. We encourage our students to read various genres of fiction and non-fiction. They are motivated to read a lot of books in Nepali and English in an academic session.

This has helped to learn communication skills that are contextual and effective. While reading various books, our students learn to master smooth communication skills through continuous exposures to new words and sentences useful in real life situations. And more importantly, they are smart in using English as the means of communication in every context.

Strong Resource Based Approach

Kanjirowa students use a wide range of resources to support their learning process. The school is equipped with the latest technologies including ICT. Our teachers use a lot of resources to make their lessons interesting. Our key priority is to use visual and auditory resources that help to learn the lessons every day. The school trains the teachers to research, identify, categorize, diversify and use the resources in purposeful methods. Our classrooms have spacious and comfortable learning environments that give opportunities to the teachers and students to prepare, display and use the resources wisely. As our school emphasizes on Experiential Learning Model, resources used creatively in students learning projects are very important to us. Our students always involve in project based activities that require a lot of practical resources either in laboratories or in the fields. And the resources are accessible to each child whenever s/he needs. All the resources are purposefully linked with the lessons and activities.

Specialized Individual Attention

Kanjirowa always focuses on individual safety and wellbeing of each child. We have a culture of respecting individual difference, personal dignity and learning aptitude. We acknowledge Multiple Intelligences and support our students according to the intelligences and learning styles. We track each child's learning process, achievement and needs through Continuous Assessment System. Each gets a comfortable opportunity to express ideas, demonstrate skills and abilities and solve problems. And every child gets ample resources to learn and develop.

We have a standard safety measure that helps the child feel secure. All the members of staff have a good deal of experiences and responsibility, and they are trained to help children whenever necessary. Each teacher maintains an individual profile of each child. We keep the details of contacts of each child for the use in emergency and when required.

Rigorous and Intensive Assessment System

Kanjirowa systematically records each child's mental, physical and emotional progress both in terms of potential and actual achievement from the day he or she joins the school. The school focuses on all three domains of learning (Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor) and closely follows every standard educational guidelines (including Bloom's Taxonomy) to assess the child's learning achievement. The school maintains a profile to keep a record of each child's learning process and achievement. And we prepare descriptive and analytical report of each child of Primary Level and the report of the assessment is prepared on letter-grade system in other levels.

Through Continuous Assessment System, we assess various skills, abilities and motivational levels such as:

  • Remembering
  • Understanding
  • Applying
  • Analyzing
  • Evaluating
  • Creating
  • Skills (Subject-Wise)
  • Field & Lab Works
  • Research & Presentation Skills.
  • Monitoring
  • Team & Independent Works
  • Participation in Social Service
  • Social Etiquette
  • Motivation in Class
  • Participation in Games, Sports,
  • Dance, Music, Arts & Crafts
  • Regularity & Punctuality

Co-curricular activities

Kanjirowa encourages students to take part in sports and other extra-curricular activities. It organizes various sports meets (cricket, basketball, table-tennis, badminton, volleyball, etc.), debate competitions, talk programs, group discussions, cultural shows, excursions and elocution with active participation of the students.

These programs give students a platform where they can demonstrate their talent, in a competitive environment. We involve our students in the following activities to assess their learning achievements on the bases of their participation regularly:

  • Field Trips, Field Study, Report Writing and Presentation (Cultural/Natural Heritage,Agro-Cattle Farm Visit)
  • Day-Long Tours, Hiking, Trekking, Camping, Home-Stays
  • Team Building/Leadership Development Activities; STEM Club, Readers Club, Prefect Council, Eco-Club, Social Service Club, Junior Red-Cross, Sports Club, House-wise Activities
  • Social Service Programs; Visit to Orphanage, Old Age Home, Community School Support Program, Various Social Awareness Programs
  • Environmental Awareness Activities; Plantation, Paper Recycling, Plastic Free Campaign, Save Our Planet and Species
  • Additional Book Reading; Book Review, Book Talks, Reading Seminars and Educational Seminars
  • Games and Sports; Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Futsal, Football, Fun Games
  • SAARC and UN Mock Conferences, Collaborative Programs with Schools in Other Countries