Message from the Kanjirowa Family

Mr. Ambika Prasad Paudel, Chairman

Having a physical infrastructure of its own, Kanjirowa has a new strength, confidence and a long-term vision, which has been reflected in our programs for the last couple of years.

We have always believed in developing the personality of the students in a holistic manner. Our focus is to inspire the students to be global citizens, to cope with the world they live in today, whose features are fast-changing.

Mr. Mahendra Khanal, Executive Director

The management team of Kanjirowa would like to welcome you and your child on board for your journey of learning and academic growth.

Times change, societies transform and so do institutions like schools. Kanjirowa National Secondary School has come through a relatively long and proud journey of over two decades from its earlier incarnation as Kathmandu Don Bosco H.S. School.

Mr. Ranjeet Thapa, Principal

We not only empower them with the necessary knowledge and training, we also put our efforts in making them confident citizens who have certain goals in life, and who internalize a value system to contribute to society. We motivate them to truly learn to be skilled, confident, knowledgeable, disciplined and - more importantly - good human beings.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our parents and well-wishers for their unfaltering trust in our efforts to expand and re-invent our more ambitious plan of the last few years. We welcome our new students for their academic journey at Kanjirowa!