11 & 12

Why Kanirowa

Kanjirowa National Secondary School is at the cutting edge of teaching and learning. New teaching approaches and programs are regularly introduced reflecting on awareness of our changing society and academic needs. Degrees are reviewed to enable our students to develop crucial skills in different fields and to impart in-depth knowledge. Kanjirowa boasts one of the best results from NEB in the last 19 years and has produced some of the finest professionals in the various prestigious sectors both within the country and abroad. Kanjirowa brings with it the exclusive and absolute experience of outstanding performance. We offer our students better facilities leading them toward better education and overall personal growth

Main Features

  • One of the pioneering Plus Two institutions with proven excellent track record
  • Best faculty members in Science and Management
  • Interactive teaching learning with regular assessment system
  • Sufficient ECA and CCA for overall growth
  • Student friendly and disciplined Environment


Kanjirowa National Secondary School, known as Kathmandu Don Bosco Higher Secondary School as of 2010, was renamed with all new infrastructure and set up in 2011. But, the institution was established in 1998 as Kathmandu Don Bosco H.S. School. Thousands of students' have graduated from this institution.

Kanjirowa specializes in Plus Two programs in Science and Management. At the same time, its high school runs up to Grade 10.

Kanjirowa team runs its graduate and undergraduate programs in Management in Kathmandu Don Bosco College in Lazimpat. Kanjirowa also has a model school called Pragya Kunja, which is located at Sangam Chowk, New Baneshwor. Under all its programs, Kanjirowa and its affiliates have approximately 1800 students at the moment.

Kanjirowa has better-equipped facilities to further students learning capacity. The change from Don Bosco to Kanjirowa as an official name comes after a well-meditated thought of giving the institution a fully Nepali name. Kanjirowa is a beautiful but less known mountain from the western Nepal. The core management team of Kanjirowa remains intact but with a refined commitment and energy towards building Kanjirowa as one of the pioneers and leaders in Plus Two education with the help of its best teachers coming from well-reputed colleges/universities nationally and internationally.

+2 Science Program

After completion of SEE, one can choose a future academic path. Joining Science is to prepare oneself to pursue one of the diverse fields within pure and applied branches of Science. Besides the most common fields such as medicine and engineering, it prepares students to enter the promising fields of the 21st century such as biotechnology, information technology, pharmaceutical chemistry, nuclear physics and so on. Thus, students will be prepared to specialize in any area of their interest within the discipline of Science as a whole.

+2 Management Program

Management is what produces tomorrow's business entrepreneurs, top global executives, bankers, management academics and leaders. The Plus Two Program opens up students to the broad range of Management and Business Studies.

Kanjirowa offers wide options to students, covering diverse areas of management studies like Business Studies, Hotel Management and Computer Science.

The Kanjirowa Management program trains the students to be the leading executives and academics in the global market.


There are periodic reviews on the performance of the students based on which individual consultation is provided to both the students and parents, throughout every stage of student’s time here. There will always be someone that the student can turn to for anything that they need. For regular works like photocopy, reference materials and other relevant student support, there is a special provision that meets students’ daily needs efficiently. For students with special needs, our co-ordinators act as a link between students, academic staff and management. We are constantly working towards providing a fully accessible learning environment.


There is provision of scholarships to the students with need. The deserving students are required to apply for the scholarship. The criteria for the same are based on brilliance and academic performance of the students.


Students are mandated to carry out a small project in each term beyond the academic curriculum in order to enable them to consolidate the lessons they have learnt in the formal classrooms.

Kanjirowa also provides its students information seminars with comprehensive counselling to higher education and high demand skilled occupations both in Nepal and foreign universities. Students are also Facilitated with a Counselor every wednesday.


Kanjirowa uses its own transportation for students from Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Banepa (Kavre).


Kanjirowa has a well-managed library with plenty of books to facilitate its students and faculty, including many special collections of material where students can also enjoy the wi-fi zone in addition to e-library. Periodically, the needs for the new collection of books are reviewed and purchased. There are a number of cat holes available for students to sit and study in a quiet environment.


Kanjirowa has a substantial network of PC’s available to students. The computer lab opens during all office days from 6:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening.


Kanjirowa encourages students to take part in sports and other extra-curricular activities. It organizes various sports meet (cricket, basketball, table-tennis, badminton, volleyball etc), debate competitions, talk programs, group discussions, cultural shows, excursions and elocution with active participation of the students. These programs give students a platform where they can demonstrate their talent, in a competitive environment.


Student assessment is based on a continuous process throughout the year. Comprehensive Aptitude Test (CAT), Terminal, Sent-up tests and weekly tests are the pre-scheduled examinations. The school is aware that excellence can only be attained through continuous efforts. So, class tests, unit tests and the tests at the end of the lessons are a part of it, along with weekly Sunday test. 80% annual attendance and minimum GPA of 2.0 are the eligible criteria for appearing in the Board Examination (NEB).

Kanjirowa also recognizes the top ten students of its internal examinations with the scholarship scheme. The record of the examination results, punctuality, discipline, participation in various activities and case studies of each and every students are well maintained in a modern computerized information/data system. And based on the performance of students, they are given individual counseling by consulting their parents/guardians and respective subject teachers. Full time faculty assistance is also given to the students, along with support classes.


Kanjirowa infrastructure is a manifestation of our efforts to provide learning opportunities for our students entrusted to us. It is located in a sprawling 8 ropanis of land, at a convenient location on the Ring Road side north east to Balkumari Bridge, Koteshwor with a lush landscape. The state-of-the-art infrastructure of the school gives us the confidence that we are in the right place and makes us feel proud of our school. Care has been taken to maintain an atmosphere to provide the child an easy transition from the family to the learning environment at school. The physical environment is designed to enhance the student's natural safety and interest in exploring the world through their senses.