School from Tomorrow


Dear all, Greetings! The School will resume from tomorrow, 14 Kartik 2076. Thank you!

School resumes after Dashain Holidays from Tomorrow


Dear all, Kindly be informed that the school will resume from tomorrow, the 27 of Ashoj 2076. We are all set to welcome our enthusiastic Kanjirowans back to school after the festival holidays. Thank you!

Regular School Tomorrow


Dear all, We will have regular school tomorrow, Monday, 27 Shrawan. Thank you!

First Term Report Card Distribution


PTM/First Term Report Card Disribution is scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday, 25 Shrawan) between 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Sunday, 26 Shrawan will be Post Result Holiday.

School resumes after Term Break from Tomorrow


Dear all, Please be informed that the school resumes from tomorrow (Sunday, 19 Shrawan). Thank you!

School over at 3:30


Reminder! During Term Exam (5-13 Shrawan) School will be over at 3:30 pm. Thank you!

Outstanding SEE Result- 2075


We are proud of our SEE batch 2075. Thank you dear parents guardians and well wishers for the continuous support and trust on us.

School closed on 10 Asadh


Dear all, The school will remain closed tomorrow (Tuesday, 10 Asadh) due to unavoidable circumstances! Thank you



Dear all, Greetings! The school shall remain closed tomorrow (Friday, 6 Asadh). First Term Report Card Distribution and PTM will be held as mentioned in the school calendar on Saturday, 7 Asadh between 9:00 am to 11:00 am. We will have regular school on Sunday, 8 Asadh. Thank you!!

School closed tomorrow!


Dear all Greetings, The school remains closed tomorrow, Sunday, 1 Ashar 2076. Please check our FB page for the details. Thank you!

Regular School Tomorrow


Dear all, Greetings, We have regular School tomorrow, Sunday, 26 Jetsha. Thank you!

Regular School on 22 Jestha


Dear all, The School will remain open as usual tomorrow, Wednesday 22 Jestha though it is decleared as public holiday. Thank you!

School closed tomorrow


Dear all, The School remains closed tomorrow, Monday, 13 Jestha 2076. Thank you!

Regular School Today


The School will remain open today. Thank you!

New Seesion begins from 9th Baisakh


Dear all, Greetings! Classes for new academic session begins from tomorrow, Monday, 9th Baisakh. Thank you!

Final Result Distribution


Dear Parents/Guardians, We are pleased to invite you to our Final Grade Sheet distribution program/Parents-Teachers Meeting on Saturday, 23rd Chaitra from 9:00-11:00 AM. We kindly request you to clear the dues (IF ANY) of the session 2075 of your ward/s. We thank you for your support. Kanjirowa National Secondary School 5100479, 5100391

School closed


Dear all, The School remains closed tomorrow, 30 Falgun, Thursday, due to unavoidable circumstances. Thank you!

School closed Tomorrow!


Dear all, We are deeply saddened by the demise of 7 high-profile people in today's tragic air accident. We express our deep condolence and pray for peace and courage to the bereaved family. Along with the government's decision, we have decided to close the school tomorrow -Thursday (16 Falgun 2075). Thank you! P.S. Mr Birendra Shrestha, Deputy Director General of Civil Aviation Authority, 1 amongst 7 in the Air Accident is our parent of Grade X Student.

Change in departure time


The departure time will be 4:30 pm from tomorrow (1st Falgun). Morning time remains unchanged.

Regular School Tomorrow


Dear all, Please be informed that we have regular School tomorrow (Friday, 25 Magh). Thank you!!