Curriculum & Pedagogy

The school firmly believes that no real learning takes place unless the learner desires to learn. Therefore, the curriculum is designed to help students explore and exploit their own learning process and create deep desires to learn. At the conceptual level, the school follows Experiential Learning Model based on projects. Our curriculum and pedagogy incorporate a lot of PROJECTS to provide an environment to 'learn through reflection on doing' as a continuous activity in every subject.
Instead of learning being teacher-led delivery of knowledge, the teacher and students construct knowledge together; learners can question, critique and contribute creatively to make learning experience a way of life. We emphasize on process of learning so that our children enjoy participating in it and they learn by building on their prior knowledge on the particular subjects. Our dynamic curriculum and pedagogy help them to be physically, spiritually and morally sound.
Along with this, interaction opportunities with the experts from different fields are provided to enhance students' confidence and knowledge on various national and international issues.
Our students work individually and in a team. Both situations are important for their learning process. They are encouraged to work with every other student in class to ensure that they contribute in learning process and can develop habit of co-operation and learn the value of democratic exercises.