A Note from Principal

Welcome to Kanjirowa National School!

We are delighted to welcome you at Kanjirowa National H.S School. While we are proud of the legacy of Don Bosco as our meaningful past, we are also very focused on the future and are making sure all the young people to whom we cater are properly equipped for life in the 21st century. Our school's reputation for excellence is widely recognized and there is a real commitment to ensuring that all our young people benefit from what the school has to offer.

We want all the children who come to the school to enjoy their school days...

At Kanjirowa National H.S School, every child does matter and we work hard to achieve excellence for all whether that is in academic studies, sports, music or pastoral care. For every child to achieve to their full potential, there needs to be a positive, supportive and well disciplined environment on the whole. At Kanjirowa National H.S School, we are able to provide this and, as a result, ensure that our young people have the very best chance of achieving success in all aspects of school life.

We want all the children who come to the school to enjoy their school days to become thoughtful, articulate, confident and responsible members of the society. Our programmes of teaching and the wide range of extra-curricular activities we offer are directed to this end.

We know that to achieve our aims we have to work as part of a three-way partnership between the student, the school and home. A strong and effective partnership with parents underpins the work we do in school and we look forward to your support in achieving this.

Thank you once again for your interest.

Mahendra Khanal