Message from the Kanjirowa Family

Executive Chairman

Mr. Kapil Dev Regmi

Welcome to Kanjirowa’s website! Thank you for your interest at Kanjirowa National Secondary School. Two decades experience in education and attempting to bring change to make our students capable of contributing to the society in a larger context has been widely admired by the citizens of Nepal.

Our efforts in bringing mini world inside the school via different means has been useful to our students be it in organizing Model UN or bringing foreign experts to School or getting wider support from different embassies of Nepal.

At Kanjirowa, we look after the whole child, developing social, emotional and academic learning strengths though various learning methods. Complete personality development is our prime focus. We equally emphasize both co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Our ultimate goal is in making our students wonderful global citizen!

Kanjiirowa surely is your gateway to endless opportunities.