Kanjirowa has a qualified and competent team of teachers who have specialized knowledge and skills in their fields. They explore a lot on developmental and learning psychology, and theories of learning and the latest educational issues to support each child as per her/his especial needs. Teachers at Kanjirowa use new teaching approaches, techniques and tools reflecting national and international development. The school provides regular Professional Development Programs (PDP) to keep them updated with the latest educational innovation on curriculum, pedagogy and resources. Thus, our teachers get a lot of opportunities for training, exposures visits, involve in interaction, research and participate in exchange programs.
S.N NAME Subject Qualification
1 Mr. Mahendra Khanal (Principal) Moral Science Master's
2 Mr.Puspa Regmi(Vice-Principal) English M. Phil
3 Mr.Bikash Basnet CCA Coordinator) Social M.A
4 Ms.Sangita Dhakhwa(Primary Coordinator) English M.B.S
5 Mr. Jagannath Koirala (HOD) Nepali M.A
6 Mr. Shreeram Prasad Silwal (HOD) English M.A
7 Mr. Umesh Acharya (HOD) Mathematics M.Sc.
8 Mr. Jeewan Khadka (HOD) Science M. Sc.
9 Ms. Neelam Thapa (HOD) Social Studies M.A.
10 Mr. Kamal Koirala Nepali M.A
11 Mr. Prabesh Shrestha Computer/Accounts MBS
12 Mr. Arun Ghimire Sports Bachelor
13 Ms. Ganga Shakya Science MBS
14 Ms. Aradhana Giri Social M.A
15 Mr. Deepak Kumar Shah Science Bachelor
16 Mr. Abhishek Dewan Computer M. Sc.
17 Mr. Prateek Bajracharya Environment Master's
18 Ms. Sita Dangal Social Studies Master's
19 Ms. Inu Bhattarai Mathematics Master's
20 Ms. Shreya Poudel Office Secretariat Bachelor
21 Mr. Minesh Shakya Basketball MBS
22 Ms. Reena Maharjan English Master's
23 Ms. Sabina Manandhar English/Social/Science MBS
24 Mr. Pradeep Hamal Accountancy MBA
25 Ms. Anju Suwal Mathematics MA
26 Ms. Archana Maharjan Science BBS
27 Mr. Lila Ram Kunwar STP Incharge M.A.
28 Ms. Mina Shrestha Dance B.A.
29 Mr. Vijaya Kumar Thapa Mathematics Master's
30 Mr. Ram Sundar Sapkota IT Officer B.E
31 Ms. Sunaina Baral Nepali B.L.
32 Mr. Surendra Shrestha Music MBS/B.Mus.
33 Ms. Karuna Shrestha Mathematics MBS
34 Mr. Hari Sharan Pariyar Mathematics Bachelor
35 Ms. Deepika Dahal Health  Masters
36 Ms. Anupa Duwadi Student Services M.A.
37 Ms. Sabina Balami Support Teacher Intermediate
38 Ms. Pramila Kunwar Support Teacher Intermediate
39 Mr. Prashant Tamang Dance I.A.
40 Ms. Saru K.C. English M.A.
41 Ms. Khagi Pun English/Social/Maths/science M.B.A
42 Ms. Anjeena Shakya English/Social/Maths/science Bachelor
43 Ms. Sami  Khadka Nepali Bachelor
44 Mr. Ramesh Khatiwada Mathematics M.Sc.
45 Ms. Romi Rajkarnikar English/Science/Maths BBS
46 Ms. Sabita Dangol Art Teacher MSA
47 Ms. Sarita Kakshapati Nepali B.A
48 Ms. Muna Limbu Nepali B.A.
49 Ms. Amee Shrestha English/Science/Maths Bachelor
50 Ms. Apekcha Pradhan English/Science/Maths BBS
51 Ms. Sujana Shakya English/Science/Maths/social Bachelor
52 Mr. Ramesh Khatiwada Social Studies M.A.
53 Ms. Sabina Subedi Library BBS
54 Ms. Nitisha Dawadi English Bachelor
55 Mr. Janak Sing Saud OPT Math Masters
56 Ms. Laxmi Mishra Poudel Science/Maths Bachelor