Reading culture and communication skills

Sudents at Kanjirowa are avid readers and participate in a wide range of reading activities. Be it engaging creatively reading purposeful books by great writers or passing leisurely time, we believe, reading is fruitful. We have been able to establish a culture in which all students enjoy reading a wide range of books. They are critical readers. They have a shared understanding that regular reading helps to develop Higher Order Thinking. 

Besides independent reading, they participate in Book Talks, Readers Conference, Critical Review, My Favorite, Book Sketch, Book Circle etc. The Readers Club of Kanjirowa organizes other various programs in the school. Thus, they get opportunities to involve in learning various linguistic and literary skills and explore the world of knowledge. We encourage our students to read various genres of fiction and non-fiction. They are motivated to read at least a half dozen of books in Nepali and English in an academic session.
This has helped to learn communication skills that are contextual and effective. While reading various books, our students learn to master smooth communication skills through continuous exposures to new words and sentences useful in real life situations. And more importantly, they are smart in using English as the means of communication in every context