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    His Excellency Mr. Hanan Goder Goldber, Ambassador of Israel to Nepal visited Kanjirowa.  He interacted with students on unavoidable use of technology for economic prosperity of the country. He discussed how Israel, founded in the year 1948 A.D has made tremendous prosperity and amused the world by its economic prosperity. His lecture was to unveil how technologies can bring tremendous development in the country for instance, use of innovative technique like drip irrigation and fertigation to increase the productivity by ten times.    "Nepal is facing huge challenge; challenge of productivity". He added "If you fall behind the production your neighbors will become more powerful and rich. If you fail to adopt technology you fall behind and stay behind. Nepal is a big country, it has big neighbors, and Nepal should always take advantage from them".  Economic prosperity is also essential to bring change in other aspects of the country, for instances, it helps to increase the urban population and life expectancy of the people. Though he acknowledged the social and economic changes of Nepal he asserted change will not accelerate if country lacks strong economic prosperity. In the program His Excellency also praised the cultural performance of the students wholeheartedly and said "Keep your identity, culture, and heritage. If you lose them you lose yourself. Your culture is rich and lovely and you must protect them to keep your identity".  He appreciated the character that we have shown amidst humanitarian and economic crisis brought by massive earthquake of Baishak 12. He also opined that the humanitarian crisis in Nepal brought by the earthquake was taken seriously by the Government of Israel; hence, immediate rescue operation along with well equipped mobile hospital was send.  Overall, the program was highly enriching.                                                                                                                                 


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