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All year round, we connect the Kathmandu Don Bosco / Kanjirowa to its true family - the Alumni.

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From SLC, +2 and Business School - One KDBC Alumni for all

The Kathmandu Don Bosco and Kanjirowa Alumni maintains and enhances a highly engaged, vibrant community of alumni and friends worldwide.

The Kathmandu Don Bosco and Kanjirowa Alumni was previously known as just Kathmandu Don Bosco Alumni. After the first batch of students graduated from the newly named Kanjirowa, the Alumni also changed its name (effective 2013) to reflect this and to make all students feel the Alumni as their own.

The purpose of the Alumni Association is to promote the welfare of KDBC / Kanjirowa and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between KDBC / Kanjirowa and its alumni. The alumni connect with the University and with fellow graduates through a wealth of activities and alumni events organised by the Alumni Association.

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  • Dedication
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We have a strong, dedicated team. Our current committee comprises of:
Anurag Acharya
A computer engineer and a sports writer by profession, Mr Acharya is SLC class of 2064 and +2 class of 2066/67.

He previously held positions of Vice President (2011-13) and Secretary (2010) in the Alumni.
Bikram Dhoju
Vice President
Mr Dhoju, a graduate of class of 2066/67 from Kathmandu Don Bosco, is an electronics engineer. He previously was a member of the executive committee of the Alumni (2013).
Aashika Pokharel
Aashika Pokharel is a civil engineer who works for the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority. She was a graduate of the class of 2066/67 from Kathmandu Don Bosco.

She was previously an executive committee member of the Alumni(2013).

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